How to Lose Cellulite Naturally: One Easy Step

Lose cellulite naturally with bone brothIn your efforts to lose cellulite naturally, are you ignoring this one important step?

It’s bone broth.

Can bone broth really heal your cellulite?

Lose cellulite naturally with bone broth

When was the last time you ate organ meat? When was the last time you boiled chicken’s feet to make a gelatinous broth? Not recently? Not ever? Ewww, no one does that! Or do they? Not so long ago, people practiced so-called “nose to tail” eating. Modern eating habits have us consuming only the muscles of the animal, and mostly the leanest cuts of muscle.

Different parts of any organism have a different amino-acid profile, so restricting our consumption to only the muscle meats means we are missing out on valuable nutrients. Folk in more traditional societies use the whole animal, not discarding any of it. Eating organ meats, cartilage, marrow from the bones and even roasting the skins. In nature, carnivores eat every last bit of their catch, even chewing on the bones and hooves.

What’s this got to do with my cellulite?

Well, if you’ve read the article on collagen here, you will know that the breakdown of collagen results in weaker connective tissue, crucial for keeping the skin smooth. You’ll also know that boosting your collagen is a key factor in your quest to get rid of your cellulite. Collagen and connective tissue breakdown is also the answer as to why many women who are not overweight still suffer from cellulite.

Collagen makes up a large percentage of the protein in any animal organism. However, in the active tissues – such as muscle – there is very little collagen. The amino-acid profile of all the organs and structures in every animal (including humans) is different. So the amino acids we get from
the usual cuts of meat we eat will be different from that of, for example, liver or bone marrow. By eating only certain cuts of meat, we are overloading on some amino-acids and not getting enough of others.
Delicious bone brothThere is no better way to balance out our amino-acid intake than the introduction of bone broth. Made from pasture-raised animals, we can use bones from lamb, beef, chicken, duck or wild meats such as venison. Even fish bones. You can ask your butcher to provide you with them and they should be inexpensive. Making bone broth in a crockpot or slow-cooker makes it simple.

Cooking bones and chicken carcasses, slowly, over a low heat for a long time will result in a tasty ‘stock’ that is “wobbly” when it cools. This is because all that lovely collagen has come out of the bones, sinews and cartilage and formed into gelatin. This delicious broth can be used as a stock for cooking with, or simply sipped by itself, flavoured with herbs and spices. The key is not boiling the bones, but cooking them slowly, so none of the nutrients become denatured.

One of the best additions you can make to your anti-cellulite diet is bone broth. But why?

Dr Kaalya Daniel from the Weston Price Foundation has this to say:

“Many studies now confirm what Grandma always knew–that broth made from bones is a great remedy, a tonic for the sick, a strengthener for athletes, a digestive aid, a healing elixir. And unlike bitter medicines, broth can be incorporated into delicious soups, stews and sauces. In fact, broth is the basis of all gourmet cuisines.” – See more at Weston Price.

The benefits of bone broth are many and varied:

  1. Builds up connective tissue. We all know by now, that one of the main reasons that we have cellulite is that the fat is building up in the cells and putting pressure on the connective tissue holding them down, causing them to ‘balloon’ out into the characteristic dimples. The gelatin in bone broth (which is simply collagen, cooked) provides the body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild collagen which is necessary for repairing damaged connective tissue.
  2. Supports liver detoxification. Every day we are subjected to a large number of toxins. In the foods we eat, in the chemicals we use, as well as the by-products of digestion and hormone breakdown. This toxicity puts strain on the liver. One of the main amino acids in the gelatin in bone broth is glycine. Glycine is an important nutrient in supporting the liver’s detoxification processes. Inadequate detoxification pathways are a major contributor to the development of cellulite.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: the amino acids contained in gelatin are anti-inflammatory, helping to calm the body’s inflammatory response. This helps to boost the immune system – there is a good reason why chicken soup has been referred to as “Jewish Penicillin”! Sipping chicken soup is not just good for the soul, but for the body too.
  4. Collagen helps get rid of celluliteGut health: gelatin has been shown to heal the gut mucosa, and can be helpful in cases of “leaky gut”. It improves digestion, and helps move food through the intestine for healthy elimination. And we all know that a healthy gut is an essential part of gaining that healthy, cellulite-free body.
  5. Joint health: have you ever seen those supplements in the health food store called “glucosamine” or “chondroitin”? These are sold to help ease joint pain. Guess what? Bone broth contains both these nutrients.
  6. It’s hydrating and full of electrolytes. Bone broth contains highly absorbable forms of minerals, leached slowly from the bones. Calcium and magnesium in their natural form. Having a cup of bone broth is a healthy way to ease hunger cravings between meals.

Some people refer to bone broth as a “secret fat loss weapon”. I disagree. There is nothing secret about it! For years people made fresh stock to enhance their recipes. Since the advent of so many “stock” cubes, full of unnecessary and toxic flavour enhancers, this practice has become less popular.

Here is a basic recipe for bone broth:

You can use whatever bones you prefer, try experimenting with different ones for different flavours.

3lb bones: can be marrow bones, knuckle bones, neck bones – do make sure they are from grass-fed animalsBones for bone broth

1/3 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

One onion: cut into quarters

One carrot: cut into large chunks

One celery stalk: cut into large chunks

Small pinch of sea-salt or himalayan salt.

You can also add some dried herbs or spices if you like.


Place the bones in the slow cooker, cover with the vinegar and leave for an hour. Then add the vegetables and cover with water. Cook on the low setting for 12-24 hours. The resulting stock can be used as a base for many delicious soups. When it cools, you can keep it for about four days in the fridge or up to 4 months in the freezer.

Of course, you can always buy supplements of hydrolyzed collagen or gelatin, but it’s not nearly as delicious and inexpensive as making your own.

You can use the same method with a chicken carcass – cook on low for 8-10 hours, then add some veg and make a delicious soup.

What are you waiting for?

Bone broth is an inexpensive and easy weapon to add to your cellulite-busting arsenal. The nutrients will help support collagen synthesis and liver detoxification. It will improve your gut health, reduce inflammation and keep you hydrated.

Have you used bone broth as part of your cellulite reduction programme? Let us know in the comments below:

7 thoughts on “How to Lose Cellulite Naturally: One Easy Step”

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of this before. I know chicken soup is supposed to help with the flu. But, I had no idea bone broth had such an impact on overall health…

    Are there any links to research that you can provide? I’d love to look into this some more.

    • Hi Dave,
      Chicken soup is the best when you’re feeling under the weather!
      Weston Price does a good write up about bone broth.
      Ray Peat who is a very scholarly researcher gives a very much more in-depth breakdown of the different amino acids in different parts of the meat and the benefits of balancing these.
      I hope you find those helpful!

  2. Great article! I often wondered why even skinny girls have cellulite. Its our diet. I am glad to know how bone broth helps with inflammation; the number one cause for major diseases. I bookmarked your page for the recipe and I think I will use neck bones. What is the difference with grass feed and regular cows bones?

    • Hi Tammy, yup chronic inflammation is a major source of all illness.
      Using grass-fed bones is necessary because in feedlot cattle, they are fed on grains (which they are not designed to eat) and in many cases are pumped full of growth hormone and antibiotics. Toxins can be stored in the bones (as well as fat) and so it is really better to try to source grass-fed bones where possible.
      Good luck with your broth-making!

  3. Wow, this is so cool. Grandmas always know what makes you feel better, especially when you have a cold. I once heard a doctor talk about the importance of eating chicken bones, so I love the idea of chicken bone soup. Had no idea that “meat bones” had so many benefits. It seems absolutely worth it.

  4. Hi Clare, what an interesting article. Even though I am not to worried about my cellulite; just the pure health benefits of consuming bone broth are remarkable. For the first time I have heard about ” Nose to Tail” eating. Very interesting. It certainly makes a lot of sense.
    Your post is well written and shows a lot of knowledge. Awesome read! Keep up the great work.
    Cheers Anke

  5. hi there
    now I like this bone broth idea, but I am a terrible cook ( yes I could burn water ). so do you know of any place this could be store bought, like in supermarkets? and how does it taste? can you add some herbs to the mix?

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