Helen holds a Master of Social Work as well as being a qualified Personal Trainer, Biosignature Level 2 Practitioner and is Precision Nutrition certified.

In her own words:

I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember, taking part in cross-country races, climbing mountains (Kilimanjaro) and trekking (Everest Base Camp being the most notable). Originally from Switzerland, I moved to New York state when I was 19 years old and lived there for 25 years. After a two year stay in UK, I have recently moved to New Zealand and am enjoying the amazing opportunity for outdoor pursuits over here. I work out 5 days a week, a combination of gym-based weight training and outdoor interval training. I have helped many women to lose excess weight, get fitter and get rid of that cellulite. I maintain a practical approach to nutrition, keeping it simple but laser-targeted for specific problems. I look forward to working with you!

Clare grew up in East Africa, and rode horses professionally in South Africa until she returned to England and ran her own Recruitment Agency before becoming a Financial Futures trader.

In her own words:

Growing up in Africa meant that we spent a lot of our time outdoors, riding horses, windsurfing, swimming etc. From an early age I was interested in nutrition (first in relation to my horses, to optimise their performance) – how I felt after eating certain foods, what had good/bad effects on my body. Whilst running my own businesses I took the Biosignature Level 1 &2 courses as well as a course with Functional Medicine University – although I am not a Medical Professional, my bookcase is full of books about nutrition, health and wellness. I have made it a point to learn from some of the best known names in the fitness world. After the age of 35, I started to notice that even as fit and lean as I was, I was struggling with a little cellulite. Since then, I have been trying and testing various methods of keeping this at bay. Through this website we will be sharing all our knowledge and strategies to get your cellulite under control, and keep it away!